Management: improve your employee experience with Zoho People - Testimony of Laurent Cuénoud

Human resources encompass a large number of complex functions and operations (recruitment, assessment, management of employee files and data, etc.). Tasks that are often repetitive, time-consuming and that generate a huge amount of data that must be handled with care. Laurent Cuénoud, Director of ScaleUp Project, explains how the Zoho People application helps him deliver an optimal employee experience through the automation and collaboration enabled by this human capital management (HCM) tool.

Company: 7 tips to automate your greeting cards

Company: 7 tips to automate your greeting cards

As an important tradition for showing interest in your partners, clients and employees, the time to send out your corporate greetings cards is almost here! Are you worried about spending long evenings writing your messages, sticking stamps and struggling not to forget any names in your address book? How about using the power of digital to help you!
Check out our seven tips for increasing efficiency and wowing your network with automation.

Telework and recruitment: 5 trends to watch for in 2021

Telework and recruitment: 5 trends to watch for in 2021

As telework becomes more and more the norm, it is expected that more and more organizations will adopt a distributed workforce model over the long term, even after VIDOC. The following are some examples of how telework will change individual lifestyles, business operations and services such as human resources.

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