Management: improve your employee experience with Zoho People - Testimony of Laurent Cuénoud

Published by Sarah Mansour

9 December 2021

Human resources encompasses a large number of complex functions and operations (recruitment, assessment, management of employee files and data, etc.). Tasks that are often repetitive, time-consuming and generate a lot of sensitive data that must be handled with care. Laurent Cuénoud, Director of ScaleUp Project, explains how the Zoho People application helps him deliver an optimal employee experience thanks to the automation and collaboration enabled by this human capital management (HCM) tool.


What is Zoho People for?

Laurent Cuénoud (L.C.): Zoho People is a 360° HR management system. Simple, complete, flexible and secure, this SaaS tool allows us to manage all HR processes and to focus fully on our employees. This application has the advantage of bringing together three types of players on a collaborative platform: employees, managers and HR managers. Each of them will be able to find answers to their needs in order to carry out their mission in the company: onboarding, planning, absence management, holidays, learning management, internal regulations, etc. In addition, this tool allows us to collect feedback and suggestions from employees about the life of the company.

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What are the key features of this tool?

L.C.: In terms of functionalities, each of the three types of actors mentioned above will be able to find something to suit them.

On the employee's side, first of all, I would say that the strongest element is undoubtedly the self-service which constitutes the single point of access in which the employee will be able to: manage his or her working time, monitor overtime, absences of all kinds and consult his or her holiday balance. They will also be able to monitor their objectives and 360 degree evaluations (their own evaluation, the evaluation of their peers, their subordinates and those of management). This makes it easier to follow up on requests and to interact with his superiors. Finally, he will be able to find all his official documents: contract, salary slips, personnel regulations as well as the different processes in force in the company. 

The manager profile, on the other hand, has an overview of his or her team and benefits from the automation of certain processes such as approvals and/or performance evaluations of his or her employees. They can also easily seek advice or assistance from HR in difficult situations.

Finally, on the side of HR managers, the tool facilitates the management of situations - often diverse and complex! - and simplifies the implementation and monitoring of guidelines and personnel regulations.

As a manager, I particularly appreciate the application's simple and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to automate a large number of processes. Zoho People integrates with Zoho Recruit (another application in the Zoho One ecosystem dedicated to recruitment), which enables the entire employee experience to be managed, from recruitment to departure, including development within the company.
Its integration with the Zoho Finance suite enables the recovery of time entry in the invoicing tool and the integration of validation and reimbursement of expense reports, which represents a considerable saving in time and energy.

Why use a human capital management tool like Zoho People?

L.C.: The COVID.19 crisis has highlighted the importance of being able to work remotely while having easy access to company data, from one's computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Using a tool like Zoho People helps to strengthen the link between employees, to communicate easily, and to provide safeguards to ensure a good level of trust between the company and its employees. Beyond the automation of processes, Zoho People plays a real role of umbilical cord between the employee and his company.

Want to know more about Zoho People?

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