Company: 7 tips to automate your greeting cards

Published by Sarah Mansour

25 November 2021

As an important tradition for showing interest in your partners, clients and employees, the time to send out your corporate greetings cards is almost here! Are you worried about spending long evenings writing your messages, sticking stamps and struggling not to forget any names in your address book? How about using the power of digital to help you!
Discover our seven tips to increase efficiency and wow your network with automation.


1. Create a compelling, customised design with a free online graphic design tool.

For example, you can use the Canva tool to create a beautiful greeting card in your company's image. The basic features of the tool are free and allow you to create unique content in line with your brand's identity without having to be an experienced graphic designer.

Canva Greeting cards
Canva Personalised greeting cards

2. Use a suitable and accessible emailing tool

Now you don't need to know how to code to make personalised, responsive content with tools like Zoho Campaigns (video presentation below). Very easy to use with its drag and drop function, its intuitive interface will save you precious time. Bonus: you'll also find a library of ready-to-use templates for when you don't have time to create content from scratch.

3. Customise the subject and content of your email with merge tags

You can address your contacts by their first name, for example. There is nothing like this to please, reinforce trust and increase the rate of engagement. Also remember to send your emails in person and not with an address like info@votreentreprise.com. In an already saturated inbox, the eye is more likely to linger on a first name than on a company name. In short, be human!


4. Test the deliverability of your email

Before sending your cards by the thousand, test, test, test! This tip may seem trivial, but when you know that one in six emails does not reach the recipient's inbox, it is definitely a good idea to test before sending! Tools such as Mail-Tester or ISnotSSPAM, both free, can help you increase your deliverability rate.


5. Segment your audience to personalise your message and adjust your tone

For example, you can segment your database according to the type of relationship you have with the contacts you wish to send your greetings to. This will allow you to differentiate your message and specifically address your friends, employees, partners and customers.


6. Find the best timing for your card to be opened and read

The greeting card conveys your company's image. Sending it on time is a sign of punctuality and responsiveness. Generally, it is advisable to send Christmas cards in the first two weeks of December so that your contacts can read and receive them before 24 December. Please note that these customs may vary from one country to another, so be sure to ask.


7. Track and analyse your results to see who has received, opened and/or responded to your Greeting Card 2.0

What next? Try iterating by changing any of the variables that can impact your results. Changing the subject line of your message or the time you send your emails can make a big difference to your open rates or click-through rates. Finally, feed this information back into your CRM to enrich the 360 view of your customers.


In conclusion...

Combining the power of free online graphic design tools and marketing automation, you can easily set up a scalable system to send not only your year-end greeting cards, but also, for example, to send personalised cards for birthdays or to thank your customers. Including a discount coupon or gift voucher can also help maximise the opportunity to create a real and lasting bond with your customer.

So, are you ready to take action?

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